Spastic paraparesis and sensorineural hearing loss in a patient with neurobrucellosis.

  title={Spastic paraparesis and sensorineural hearing loss in a patient with neurobrucellosis.},
  author={Tuba Baykal and Fatih Baygutalp and K{\^a}zim Şenel and Akin Levent and Akin Erdal and Mahir Uğur and Salih Ozgoçmen},
  journal={Journal of back and musculoskeletal rehabilitation},
  volume={25 3},
  • Tuba Baykal, Fatih Baygutalp, +4 authors Salih Ozgoçmen
  • Published in
    Journal of back and…
  • Medicine
  • OBJECTIVE Brucellosis is a zoonotic disease and still a major public health problem in many geographic areas including Mediterranean basin and Middle East. Brucellosis causes multisystemic involvement and although rare central nervous system involvement causes serious manifestations. Neurobrucellosis occurs less than 5% of patients and presents with meningitis,encephalitis, myelitis, myelopathy, stroke, paraplegia, radiculoneuritis, intracerebral abscess, epidural abscess, demyelination and… CONTINUE READING

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