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SparseAlign: A Super-Resolution Algorithm for Automatic Marker Localization and Deformation Estimation in Cryo-Electron Tomography

  title={SparseAlign: A Super-Resolution Algorithm for Automatic Marker Localization and Deformation Estimation in Cryo-Electron Tomography},
  author={Poulami Somanya Ganguly and Felix Lucka and Holger Kohr and Erik Franken and Hermen Jan Hupkes and Kees Joost Batenburg},
Tilt-series alignment is crucial to obtaining highresolution reconstructions in cryo-electron tomography. Beaminduced local deformation of the sample is hard to estimate from the low-contrast sample alone, and often requires fiducial gold bead markers. The state-of-the-art approach for deformation estimation uses (semi-)manually labelled marker locations in projection data to fit the parameters of a polynomial deformation model. Manually-labelled marker locations are difficult to obtain when… 

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