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Sparse grid implementation of a fixed-point fast sweeping WENO scheme for Eikonal equations

  title={Sparse grid implementation of a fixed-point fast sweeping WENO scheme for Eikonal equations},
  author={Zachary M. Miksis and Yong-Tao Zhang},
Fixed-point fast sweeping methods are a class of explicit iterative methods developed in the literature to efficiently solve steady state solutions of hyperbolic partial differential equations (PDEs). As other types of fast sweeping schemes, fixed-point fast sweeping methods use the Gauss-Seidel iterations and alternating sweeping strategy to cover characteristics of hyperbolic PDEs in a certain direction simultaneously in each sweeping order. The resulting iterative schemes have fast… 


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A novel approach to incorporate high order approximations to derivatives into numerical Hamiltonians such that the resulting numerical schemes are formally high order accurate and inherit the fast convergence from the alternating sweeping strategy.