Sparse-Grid-Based Adaptive Model Predictive Control of HL60 Cellular Differentiation

  title={Sparse-Grid-Based Adaptive Model Predictive Control of HL60 Cellular Differentiation},
  author={Sarah L. Noble and Lindsay E. Wendel and M. M. Donahue and G. Buzzard and A. Rundell},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering},
Quantitative methods such as model-based predictive control are known to facilitate the design of strategies to manipulate biological systems. This study develops a sparse-grid-based adaptive model predictive control (MPC) strategy to direct HL60 cellular differentiation. Sparse-grid sampling and interpolation support a computationally efficient adaptive MPC scheme in which multiple data-consistent regions of the model parameter space are identified and used to calculate a control compromise… Expand
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