Sparse Dissimilarity-Constrained Coding for Glaucoma Screening

  title={Sparse Dissimilarity-Constrained Coding for Glaucoma Screening},
  author={Jun Cheng and Fengshou Yin and Damon Wing Kee Wong and Dacheng Tao and Jiang Liu},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering},
Objective: Glaucoma is an irreversible chronic eye disease that leads to vision loss. As it can be slowed down through treatment, detecting the disease in time is important. However, many patients are unaware of the disease because it progresses slowly without easily noticeable symptoms. Currently, there is no effective method for low-cost population-based glaucoma detection or screening. Recent studies have shown that automated optic nerve head assessment from 2-D retinal fundus images is… CONTINUE READING
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