Sparing effects of selenium and ascorbic acid on vitamin C and E in guinea pig tissues

  title={Sparing effects of selenium and ascorbic acid on vitamin C and E in guinea pig tissues},
  author={J. Bertinato and N. Hidiroglou and R. Peace and K. Cockell and K. Trick and P. Jee and Alex Giroux and R. Mad{\`e}re and Giuseppe Bonacci and M. Iskandar and S. Hayward and N. Giles and M. L’Abb{\'e}},
  journal={Nutrition Journal},
  pages={7 - 7}
BackgroundSelenium (Se), vitamin C and vitamin E function as antioxidants within the body. In this study, we investigated the effects of reduced dietary Se and L-ascorbic acid (AA) on vitamin C and α-tocopherol (AT) status in guinea pig tissues.MethodsMale Hartley guinea pigs were orally dosed with a marginal amount of AA and fed a diet deficient (Se-D/MC), marginal (Se-M/MC) or normal (Se-N/MC) in Se. An additional diet group (Se-N/NC) was fed normal Se and dosed with a normal amount of AA… Expand
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