Spanning tree generating functions and Mahler measures

  title={Spanning tree generating functions and Mahler measures},
  author={Anthony J. Guttmann and Mathew Rogers},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
We define the notion of a spanning tree generating function (STGF) $\sum a_n z^n$, which gives the spanning tree constant when evaluated at $z=1,$ and gives the lattice Green function (LGF) when differentiated. By making use of known results for logarithmic Mahler measures of certain Laurent polynomials, and proving new results, we express the STGFs as hypergeometric functions for all regular two and three dimensional lattices (and one higher-dimensional lattice). This gives closed form… 
Spanning tree generating functions for infinite periodic graphs L and connections with simple closed random walks on L
A spanning tree generating function T(z) for infinite periodic vertex-transitive (vt) lattices L vt has been proposed by Guttmann and Rogers (2012 J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 45 494001). Their spanning
On Rationality of Generating Function for the Number of Spanning Trees in Circulant Graphs
Let $F(x)=\sum\limits_{n=1}^\infty\tau(n)x^n$ be the generating function for the number $\tau(n)$ of spanning trees in the circulant graphs $C_{n}(s_1,s_2,\ldots,s_k).$ We show that $F(x)$ is a
The number of rooted forests in circulant graphs
In this paper, we develop a new method to produce explicit formulas for the number $f_{G}(n)$ of rooted spanning forests in the circulant graphs $ G=C_{n}(s_1,s_2,\ldots,s_k)$ and $
Ising n-fold integrals as diagonals of rational functions and integrality of series expansions
We show that the n-fold integrals χ(n) of the magnetic susceptibility of the Ising model, as well as various other n-fold integrals of the ‘Ising class’, or n-fold integrals from enumerative
Vertex-Colored Graphs, Bicycle Spaces and Mahler Measure
The space C of conservative vertex colorings (over a field F) of a countable, locally finite graph G is introduced. The subspace of based colorings is shown to be isomorphic to the bicycle space of
Mahler/Zeta Correspondence
The Mahler measure was introduced by Mahler in the study of number theory. It is known that the Mahler measure appears in different areas of mathematics and physics. On the other hand, we have been
Complexity of discrete Seifert foliations over a graph
In the present paper, we study the complexity of an infinite family of graphs Hn = Hn(G1, G2, ..., Gm) that are discrete Seifert foliations over a graph H on m vertices with fibers G1, G2, ..., Gm.
The hypergeometric series for the partition function of the 2D Ising model
In 1944 Onsager published the formula for the partition function of the Ising model for the infinite square lattice. He was able to express the internal energy in terms of a special function, but he
Asymptotics and Arithmetical Properties of Complexity for Circulant Graphs
Abstract—We study analytical and arithmetical properties of the complexity function for infinite families of circulant Cn(s1, s2,…, sk) C2n(s1, s2,…, sk, n). Exact analytical formulas for the


Spanning Trees on Lattices and Integration Identities
For a lattice $\Lambda$ with $n$ vertices and dimension $d$ equal or higher than two, the number of spanning trees $N_{ST}(\Lambda)$ grows asymptotically as $\exp(n z_\Lambda)$ in the thermodynamic
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The problem of enumerating spanning trees on graphs and lattices is considered. We obtain bounds on the number of spanning trees NST and establish inequalities relating the numbers of spanning trees
Functional equations for Mahler measures of genus-one curves
In this paper we will establish functional equations for Mahler measures of families of genus-one two-variable polynomials. These families were previously studied by Beauville, and their Mahler
Asymptotic Enumeration of Spanning Trees
  • R. Lyons
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Combinatorics, Probability and Computing
  • 2005
It is shown that tree entropy is a logarithm of a normalized determinant of the graph Laplacian for infinite graphs, which is also expressed using random walks.
Some exact results for spanning trees on lattices
For n-vertex, d-dimensional lattices Λ with d ≥ 2, the number of spanning trees NST(Λ) grows asymptotically as exp(nzΛ) in the thermodynamic limit. We present an exact closed-form result for the
Mahler's Measure and Special Values of L-functions
Some examples for which it appear that log M(P(x, y) = rL'(E, 0), where E is an elliptic curve and r is a rational number, often either an integer or the reciprocal of an integer.
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By making the connection between four-dimensional lattice Green functions (LGFs) and Picard–Fuchs ordinary differential equations of Calabi–Yau manifolds, we have given explicit forms for the
Application of Mahler measure theory to the face-centred cubic lattice Green function at the origin and its associated logarithmic integral
The mathematical properties of the face-centred cubic lattice Green function and the associated logarithmic integral are investigated, where c(?) ? cos?(?) and w = w1 + iw2 is a complex variable in
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We give a systematic treatment of lattice Green’s functions (LGF) on the d-dimensional diamond, simple cubic, body-centred cubic and face-centred cubic lattices for arbitrary dimensionality d 2 for