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Spanning Graphs and the Axiom of Choice

  title={Spanning Graphs and the Axiom of Choice},
  author={Christian Delhomm{\'e} and Marianne Morillon},
  journal={Reports Math. Log.},
A b s t r a c t. We show in set-theory ZF that the axiom of choice is equivalent to the statement every bipartite connected graph has a spanning sub-graph omitting some complete finite bipartite graph K n,n , and in particular it is equivalent to the fact that every connected graph has a spanning cycle-free graph (possibly non connected). We consider simple undirected loop-free graphs. A forest is a graph with no cycles, a tree is a connected forest. A graph G is a sub-graph of G if all its… 
Partition models, Permutations of infinite sets without fixed points, Variants of CAC, and weak forms of AC
  • Amitayu Banerjee
  • Mathematics
  • 2021
We study new relations of the following statements with weak choice principles in ZF (ZermeloFraenkel set theory without the Axiom of Choice (AC)) and ZFA (ZF with the axiom of extensionality
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We work in set-theory without choice ZF. Given a commutative field $\mathbb K$, we consider the statement $\mathbf D (\mathbb K)$: “On every non null $\mathbb K$-vector space there exists a non-null
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König, D. [1926. ‘Sur les correspondances multivoques des ensembles’, Fundamenta Mathematica, 8, 114–34] includes a result subsequently called König's Infinity Lemma. Konig, D. [1927. ‘Über eine
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In set theory without the Axiom of Choice ZF, we prove that for every commutative field K, the following statement DK: “On every non null K-vector space, there exists a non null linear form” implies
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It is shown that the answer is no by showing that unlimited category theory is inconsistent.
Maximal independent sets, variants of chain/antichain principle and cofinal subsets without AC
In set theory without the Axiom of Choice (AC), we observe new relations of the following statements with weak choice principles. 1. Every locally finite connected graph has a maximal independent
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We propose that failures of the axiom of choice, that is, surjective functions admitting no sections, can be reasonably classified by means of invariants borrowed from algebraic topology. We show
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Parts of this note have been discussed elsewhere in the blog, sometimes in a different form (see here and here, for example), but I haven’t examined before the equivalence of 5–7 with choice. In the
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This paper shows that the consistency strength of Mac Lane's system is not increased by adding the axioms of Kripke–Platek set theory and even the Axiom of Constructibility to Mac Lane’s axiOMs, and studies a simple set theoretic assertion.
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Numerical list of forms Topical list of forms Models Notes References for relations between forms Bibliography Table 1 and Table 2 Subject index Author index Software.
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