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Spanish scientific journals in Web of Science and Scopus Adoption of Open Access, relationship between price and impact, and internationality

  title={Spanish scientific journals in Web of Science and Scopus Adoption of Open Access, relationship between price and impact, and internationality},
  author={M. E. Navas},
This doctoral thesis focuses on active Spanish scholarly journals which follow internationally‐recognized quality standards, in order to analyze their main features, study the adoption of Open Access, observe the relationship between their price and bibliometric impact, and examine its internationality characteristics. Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus have been selected as the sources for identifying the journals. After depurating mistakes, a final list of 445 journals has resulted. A set of… 

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Journal coverage of the Emerging Sources Citation Index

This study analysed 6,296 ESCI‐indexed journals to determine their inclusion in 105 databases and found that 19.3% of the ESCI journals are not covered by any other A&I databases, a high figure compared with only 0.5% SCIE, 0.3%, SSCI, AHCI, and 5% Scopus journals, which suggests that the selection criteria for ESCI Journals are not consistent with the overall trend in the other classical citation indexes.

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  • Oskia Agirre
  • Uztaro. Giza eta gizarte-zientzien aldizkaria
  • 2021
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espanolLa presencia de revistas espanolas de psicologia en diferentes bases de datos internacionales (JCR y SJR) es un indicador que determina el crecimiento y la madurez de esta disciplina y aporta



Spanish Scholarly Journals in WoS and Scopus: The Impact of Open Access

The aim of this study was to determine the impact of open access on the publishing policies of Spanish scholarly journals indexed by Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus, and it was estimated that 48 per cent of all journals were open access.

Scientific journals in Brazil and Spain: Alternative publishing models

The results show that there are systems support of open access in scientific journals other than the “author pays” model advocated by the Finch report for the United Kingdom.

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Findings from a study of patterns of foreign authorship of articles, and international composition of journal editorial boards in five leading journals in the field of information science, and scientometrics show the authors from the USA have dominated the foreign-authored articles in all European journals.

Bibliometric and benchmark analysis of gold Open Access in Spain: big output and little impact

The aim of the paper is to determine if papers published in Open Access journals contribute to the improvement of citation impact and collaboration indicators in Spanish research and to discuss how these results differ from the so-called Open Access citation advantage.

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Results indicate that the use of either WoS or Scopus for research evaluation may introduce biases that favor Natural Sciences and Engineering as well as Biomedical Research to the detriment of Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities.

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Ibero‐American countries, with the exception of Spain, do not have a long tradition as scientific journal publishers, but in the last few years they have gained in importance as players in scientific communication with the use of new business models for journals.

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Comparisons with subscription journals indicate that OA journals indexed in Web of Science and/or Scopus are approaching the same scientific impact and quality as subscription journals, particularly in biomedicine and for journals funded by article processing charges.


The paper analyses Spanish scientific journals today. It contains data on the age of the journals, their format, periodicity, languages, dissemination, and national and international visibility. The

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