Spanish Loanwords in Acoma: I

  title={Spanish Loanwords in Acoma: I},
  author={W. R. Miller},
  journal={International Journal of American Linguistics},
  pages={147 - 153}
  • W. R. Miller
  • Published 1959
  • Geography
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
1.1. Acoma is spoken by about one thousand people at the Indian pueblo of Acoma located about sixty miles west of the Rio Grande, between Albuquerque and Gallup, New Mexico.' Acoma belongs to the Keres language family, which includes also six other closely related languages spoken in as many pueblos in New Mexico. Laguna, a Keres pueblo, is located a few miles to the east of Acoma, and is Acoma's closest neighbor; the remaining Keres pueblos are located in the Rio Grande Valley. Other language… Expand
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  • Geography
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
  • 1964
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); pisga'ri; fiscal. Foreman; mayaruima; mayordomo (see 4.2). Francis; ranstisku; Francisco. Friday; yenisi; viernes
  • Fiscal (T
ACOMA: I Matachina dance; mata't-na
    Anglo'); merigA-na; americana (see 4.2). Whore; bi-ta; puta. Wild animal (of those that are normally domesticated); musdY'na; mestefia. Window; mend'Ana; ventana (see 4.2). Wine; wi-nu
      Catholic; katftri; cat6lico (see 4.2). Cheese; ge'su; queso. Chewing tobacco
        Christmas Eve'. Coffee; kaw6; cafe. Coin; ya'ri
          Machine (or engine); ma'kina; maquina. Mail carrier; gur&dyu; correo. Mass; mi-sa; misa
            Mattress; kufi-na; colch6n. Melon; merO-ni; mel6n. Mile; mi-yu; milla. Million; miyf'na; mill6n. Minute; minf'tu
            • Matachina
            Mule (1); mOira; mulo. Mule (2); mA'cu; macho, 'male animal
              Negro; murA'tu; mulato, 'mulatto'. Number; ntimira; nimero
                Oats, oatmeal; ?aw*'na; avena. Oil; asaitYi; aceite. Ox (?); we'