Spam Short Messages Detection via Mining Social Networks


Short message service (SMS) is now becoming an indispensable way of social communication, and the problem of mobile spam is getting increasingly serious. We propose a novel approach for spam messages detection. Instead of conventional methods that focus on keywords or flow rate filtering, our system is based on mining under a more robust structure: the… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s11390-012-1239-7


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@article{Liu2012SpamSM, title={Spam Short Messages Detection via Mining Social Networks}, author={Jian-Yun Liu and Yu-Hang Zhao and Zhao-Xiang Zhang and Yun-Hong Wang and Xue-Mei Yuan and Lei Hu and Zhen-Jiang Dong}, journal={Journal of Computer Science and Technology}, year={2012}, volume={27}, pages={506-514} }