Spagyric Medicine: Purification of Body, Mind and Spirit

  title={Spagyric Medicine: Purification of Body, Mind and Spirit},
  author={Debasish Kundu},
  journal={Alternative \& Integrative Medicine},
  • D. Kundu
  • Published 28 October 2013
  • Political Science
  • Alternative & Integrative Medicine
Spagyrics is a distinct branch of Alchemy, the medieval chemistry based on astrology, pseudoscience, mythology and spirituality as the fundamentals for health and medicine but Alchemists were often misquoted as black magicians who searched for ways to transform base metals into gold, but they were actually exploring the key to physical, mental and spiritual health and originated many chemical processing methods that are still relevant today. Alchemical practices and philosophy can be found in… 

Immunology and Homeopathy. 1. Historical Background

The historical origins of homeopathy, the laboratory and animal models related to the field of immunopharmacology, the clinical evidence in favor and against the use of homeopathic in the inflammatory diseases and the hypotheses regarding its action mechanism are reviewed.


It is hypothesized that DC and low-frequency extraneuronal electric currents generated in, or transmitted by, the glial components of the brain may be the basis of perceptual awareness.

Within-mother analysis of seasonal patterns in health at birth

The seasonality of health at birth is analyzed using a large sample of 647,050 groups of US siblings representing 1,435,213 children and finds a sharp trough in gestation length among babies conceived in May, which corresponds to an increase in prematurity of more than 10%.

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