Spacetime thermodynamics in the presence of torsion

  title={Spacetime thermodynamics in the presence of torsion},
  author={Ramit Dey and Stefano Liberati and Daniele Pranzetti},
  journal={Physical Review D},
It was shown by Jacobson in 1995 that the Einstein equation can be derived as a local constitutive equation for an equilibrium spacetime thermodynamics. With the aim to understand if such thermodynamical description is an intrinsic property of gravitation, many attempts have been done so far to generalise this treatment to a broader class of gravitational theories. Here we consider the case of the Einstein-Cartan theory as a prototype of theories with non-propagating torsion. In doing so, we… 
Spacetime thermodynamics with contorsion
We prove that a conserved effective energy-momentum tensor for Einstein-Cartan theory can be identified from the Noether identities of the matter Lagrangian, using the torsion field equations
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A general geometric construction of a generic null hypersurface in presence of torsion in the spacetime (Riemann-Cartan background), generated by a null vector l, is being developed here. We then
A possible fluid interpretation and tidal force equation on a generic null hypersurface in Einstein-Cartan theory
: The dynamical evolution of the Hajicek 1 -form is derived in Einstein-Cartan (EC) theory. We find that like Einstein theory of gravity, the evolution equation is related to a projected part of the
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We show that the equation of motion of scalar-tensor theory, along the likes of GR and its higher order generalization i.e Lanczos-Lovelock gravity, acquires thermodynamic identity when projected on
Noether charge and black hole entropy in teleparallel gravity
The Noether charge associated to diffeomorphism invariance in teleparallel gravity is derived. It is shown that the latter yields the ADM mass of an asymptotically flat spacetime. The black hole
Thermodynamic structure of a generic null surface and the zeroth law in scalar-tensor theory
We show that the equation of motion of scalar-tensor theory acquires thermodynamic identity when projected on a generic null surface. The relevant projection is given by Eabl k, where Eab = 8πT (m)
Static compact objects in Einstein-Cartan theory
We generalize the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff equations for space-times endowed with a Weyssenhof-like torsion field in the Einstein-Cartan theory. The new set of structure equations clearly show how
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All energy is gravitational energy. That is the consequence of the equivalence principle, according to which gravity is the universal interaction. The physical charges of this interaction have
Focusing conditions for extended teleparallel gravity theories
In the context of extended theories of teleparallel gravity f(T) we derive the focusing conditions for a one-parameter dependent congruence of timelike auto-parallels of the Levi-Civita connection.
Symmetries and conserved quantities with arbitrary torsion: A generalization of Killing's theorem
When spacetime torsion is present, geodesics and autoparallels generically do not coincide. In this work, the well-known method that uses Killing vectors to solve the geodesic equations is


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