Spacetime foam induced collective bundling of intense fields

  title={Spacetime foam induced collective bundling of intense fields},
  author={Teodora Oniga and Charles H.-T. Wang},
  journal={Physical Review D},
This research is supported by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland (TO) and by the EPSRC GG-Top Project and the Cruickshank Trust (CW). 

Quantum coherence, radiance, and resistance of gravitational systems

This work was supported by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland (T.O.) and by the EPSRC GG-Top Project and the Cruickshank Trust (C.W.).

Immirzi parameter without Immirzi ambiguity : Conformal loop quantization of scalar-tensor gravity

C.W. wishes to thank G. Immirzi and C. Rovelli for early discussions and brief correspondence respectively, and appreciates the EPSRC GG-Top Project and the Cruickshank Trust for financial support.

Bremsstrahlung of Light through Spontaneous Emission of Gravitational Waves

It is suggested that this new effect may be important for a combined astronomical source of intense gravity and high-frequency radiation such as X-ray binaries and that the proposed LISA mission may be potentially sensitive to the resulting sub-Hz stochastic gravitational waves.

Cosmic Quantum Optical Probing of Quantum Gravity Through a Gravitational Lens

We consider the nonunitary quantum dynamics of neutral massless scalar particles used to model photons around a massive gravitational lens. The gravitational interaction between the lensing mass and

Quantum principle of sensing gravitational waves: From the zero-point fluctuations to the cosmological stochastic background of spacetime

We carry out a theoretical investigation on the collective dynamics of an ensemble of correlated atoms, subject to both vacuum fluctuations of spacetime and stochastic gravitational waves. A general

Unitary Representations of the Translational Group Acting as Local Diffeomorphisms of Space-Time

We continue to develop further a new mathematical approach to the quantisation of general field theories such as general relativity and modified gravity. Treating quantum fields as fibre bundles, we

Resonance interaction between two entangled gravitational polarizable objects

We investigate the resonance quadrupole-quadrupole interaction between two entangled gravitationally polarizable objects induced by a bath of fluctuating quantum gravitational fields in vacuum in the

A detailed exploration of the EDGES 21cm absorption anomaly and axion-induced cooling

The EDGES collaboration's observation of an anomalously strong 21 cm absorption feature around the cosmic dawn era has energised the cosmological community by suggesting a novel signature of dark

Quantum dynamics of bound states under spacetime fluctuations

With recent developments in high-precision quantum measurements, the question of whether observations of decoherence from spacetime fluctuations are accessible experimentally arises. Here we



Decoherence and the Appearance of a Classical World in Quantum Theory

In the last decade decoherence has become a very popular topic mainly due to the progress in experimental techniques which allow monitoring of the process of decoherence for single microscopic or

Decoherence and the Quantum-To-Classical Transition

Introducing Decoherence.- The Basic Formalism and Interpretation of Decoherence.- Decoherence Is Everywhere: Localization Due to Environmental Scattering.- Master-Equation Formulations of


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