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Spaces of negotiation: Community, governance, and pacification in Rio de Janeiro

  title={Spaces of negotiation: Community, governance, and pacification in Rio de Janeiro},
  author={Scott Christopher Garoupa},


The Andaman Islanders
Introduction 1. The social organisation 2. Ceremonial customs 3. Religious and magical beliefs 4. Myths and legends 5. The interpretation of Andamese customs and beliefs: ceremonial 6. The
Preface.” In African Political Systems, edited by M
  • 1940
In the violent favelas of Brazil
Pacifying and integrating the favelas of Rio de Janeiro An evaluation of the impact of the UPP program on favela residents
In 2008, to curb the violence in the city and in preparation for its bid to host the World Cup and the Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro installed the “Unidades de Policia Pacificadora” (UPP) program.
Excluded Spaces: The Figure in the Australian Aboriginal Landscape
A travers l'etude des prohibitions spatiales chez les Aborigenes australiens, l'A. montre que l'espace n'est pas statique et qu'il n'est pas en opposition avec le dynamisme du temps. Il considere les
The people, place, and space reader
Section 1 - Diverse Conceptions of People, Place, and Space Editors' Introduction and Suggestions for Further Readings "Constructing Differences in Public Spaces: Race, Class and Gender as