Spaces of Liberty: Battling the New Soft Bigotry of NCLB

  title={Spaces of Liberty: Battling the New Soft Bigotry of NCLB},
  author={J. Brooks and Andrea S. Libresco and Irene Plonczak},
  journal={Phi Delta Kappan Magazine},
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N HIS speech accepting the Republican nomination in 2000, George W Bush spoke of the C"soft bigotry of low expecta tions."' His No Child Left Be hind (NCLB) initiative has since become a far-reaching piece of national legislation intended to raise those low expectations and give equal learning opportunities to all children. What we now know from research conducted in various states is that the curriculum emerg ing in response to NCLB's testing mandates lowers, rather than raises, expectations.2… Expand
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University of Minnesota Ed.D. disseratation. October 2008. Major: Educational Policy and Administration. Advisor: Mary R. Hermes, Ph.D. 1 computer file (PDF); xi, 158 pages, appendices A-C.
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