Spaceborne C-band Pulsed Solid State Power Amplifier

  title={Spaceborne C-band Pulsed Solid State Power Amplifier},
  author={J. Dhar and S. K. Garg and R. K. Arora and B. V. Bakori and S. S. Rana},
  journal={2009 Applied Electromagnetics Conference (AEMC)},
This paper describes the design and development of a C-band Pulsed SSPA to deliver 12-watt output power with 45 dB gain. Salient features of this design are the use of drain biasing technique for pulsing the devices and non-linear design and realization of the power stages. The Paper describes pulsed SSPA configuration, RF section and Electronic Power Converter Module. The SSPA is fabricated on the three-layer metallized Alumina substrate and integrated with Power Converter Module. The… Expand
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