Space isotropy and weak equivalence principle in a scalar theory of gravity

  title={Space isotropy and weak equivalence principle in a scalar theory of gravity},
  author={Mayeul Arminjon},
  journal={Brazilian Journal of Physics},
  • M. Arminjon
  • Published 17 December 2004
  • Physics
  • Brazilian Journal of Physics
We consider a preferred-frame bimetric theory in which the scalar gravitational field both influences the metric and has direct dynamical effects. A modified version ("v2") is built, by assuming now a locally-isotropic dilation of physically measured distances, as compared with distances evaluated with the Euclidean space metric. The dynamical equations stay unchanged: they are based on a consistent formulation of Newton's second law in a curved space-time. To obtain a local conservation… 
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In a key input circuit, the key input signal is serialized and applied directly and through a circulating register working with a certain delay time to one gate for transmitting the direct key input
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Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy model has been used repeatedly to treat depression and anxiety. The case presented here is a 34-year-old female law student with an adjustment disorder with mixed
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Gravitation and Cosmology(J
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