Space-bound optical source for satellite-ground decoy-state quantum key distribution.

  title={Space-bound optical source for satellite-ground decoy-state quantum key distribution.},
  author={Yang Li and Sheng-Kai Liao and X Chen and Wei Chen and Kun Nang Cheng and Yuan Cao and Hai-Lin Yong and Tao Wang and Hua-qiang Yang and Wei-Yue Liu and Juan Yin and Hao Liang and Cheng-Zhi Peng and Jian-Wei Pan},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={22 22},
Satellite-ground quantum key distribution has embarked on the stage of engineering implementation, and a global quantum-secured network is imminent in the foreseeable future. As one payload of the quantum-science satellite which will be ready before the end of 2015, we report our recent work of the space-bound decoy-state optical source. Specialized 850 nm laser diodes have been manufactured and the integrated optical source has gotten accomplished based on these LDs. The weak coherent pulses… CONTINUE READING