Space allowance for gestating sows in pens: behavior and immunity.

  title={Space allowance for gestating sows in pens: behavior and immunity.},
  author={Janeen L Salak-Johnson and Ashley DeDecker and Melissa J. Horsman and Sandra L. Rodriguez-Zas},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={90 9},
Different floor space allowances for dry, pregnant sows in pens were evaluated to determine the impacts of space on sow behavior, immune, and cortisol measures. The experiment consisted of 6 replications (blocks 1 to 6; n = 20 sows/group), and within each replicate, physiological measurements were recorded for 2 consecutive pregnancies. A total of 152 sows were measured at 1 gestation, and 65 of those sows were measured at the successive gestation (n = 217). Groups of 5 sows/pen were assigned… CONTINUE READING

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