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Space-Time Analyticity of Weak Solutions to Semilinear Parabolic Systems with Variable Coefficients

  title={Space-Time Analyticity of Weak Solutions to Semilinear Parabolic Systems with Variable Coefficients},
  author={Falko Baustian and Peter Tak'avc},
Analytic smooth solutions of a general, strongly parabolic semilinear Cauchy problem of 2m-th order in R × (0, T ) with analytic coefficients (in space and time variables) and analytic initial data (in space variables) are investigated. They are expressed in terms of holomorphic continuation of global (weak) solutions to the system valued in a suitable Besov interpolation space of B-type at every time moment t ∈ [0, T ]. Given 0 < T ′ < T ≤ ∞, it is proved that any B-type solution u : R × (0, T… 

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