Space Sustainability: Reframing the Debate

  title={Space Sustainability: Reframing the Debate},
  author={Christopher J. Newman and Mark Williamson},
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Planetary Protection in the New Space Era: Science and Governance
Committee of Space Research’s Planetary Protection Policy is a triumph of technocratic governance in the global sphere. The Policy is produced by a group of scientific experts and subsequently enjoys
Shifting articulations of space and security: boundary work in European space policy making
ABSTRACT European space policy is currently at a watershed. In 2021, there will be two institutions responsible for European space activities: The EU Space Agency (EU SPA) and the civilian European
Orbital Debris Threat for Space Sustainability and Way Forward (Review Article)
This article thoroughly reviews all aspects of space debris issue including causes, amount and sizes of orbital debris, potential threats, counter-strategies with their latest status and related legal issues to highlight the criticality and urgency of the problem.
Space activities have shown significant progress since they begin in the late '50s. Under current development, the U.S. with Artemis program and Luxembourg with its space mining program will enhance
Finding and Following Optimal Trajectories for an Overactuated Floating Robotic Platform
This work introduces a representative simulation of a free-floating platform in the testing environment and a software framework for controller development and proposes a controller within that framework for following optimal trajectories between arbitrary states, which is evaluated in simulation and reality.
Trajectory Optimization and Following for a Three Degrees of Freedom Overactuated Floating Platform
—Space robotics applications, such as Active Space Debris Removal (ASDR), require representative testing before launch. A commonly used approach to emulate the microgravity environment in space is


The Undiscovered Country : Establishing an ethical paradigm for space activities in the twenty-first century
With an increased focus on the benefits afforded by advances in space exploration, this chapter examines the lack of ethical underpinning in space activity. It is suggested that policymakers within
‘The Way to Eden’: Environmental legal and ethical values in interplanetary space flight
There is growing academic attention being directed towards the technical and engineering issues that face human spaceflight in respect of a journey to Mars. Often overlooked in such discussions,
In dreams begin responsibilities – environmental impact assessment and outer space development
ABSTRACT Although exploitation of outer space resources is still considered science fiction by many, spacefaring nations as well as private entrepreneurs such as SpaceX and Deep Space Industries are
Awaiting Launch: Perspectives on the Draft ICOC for Outer Space Activities
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan and Daniel A. Porras (eds.), Awaiting Launch: Perspectives on the Draft ICOC for Outer Space Activities; New Delhi, Observer Research Foundation, 2014, Pages 275.Space
Space Law: Its Cold War Origins and Challenges in the Era of Globalization*
I. ABSTRACT Space law is a complex mixture of international and domestic laws that govern a wide spectrum of activities. Such activities can range from the exotic, like creating the institutional
The evolution of institutions for collective action
In 1985, the National Academy of Sciences sponsored a conference in Annapolis, Maryland, to discuss common property resource management. This conference was a watershed in the development of the