Space Resource Utilization: A View from an Emerging Space Faring Nation

  title={Space Resource Utilization: A View from an Emerging Space Faring Nation},
  author={Annette Froehlich},
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Building a compound and collaborative governance framework to improve international space sustainability
As a particular common pool resource (CPR), space has undergone tremendous changes and the current space governance has already shown its negative effects. To promote sustainable space development,


Law and Regulation of Commercial Mining of Minerals in Outer Space
List of Figures.- List of Tables.- Glossary.- Table of Abbreviations.- Table of Reports, Series and Journal Titles.- Acknowledgements.- Chapter I Introduction and Overview.- Chapter II Economic and
The Role of Near-Earth Asteroids in Long-Term Platinum Supply
High-grade platinum-group metal concentrations have been identified in an abundant class of near-Earth asteroids known as LL Chondrites. The potential existence of a highvalue asteroid-derived
Report on the United Nations/Nigeria Workshop on Space Law on the theme “Meeting international Obligations and Addressing Domestic Needs
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The Next Frontier: An Overview of the Legal and Environmental Implications of Near-Earth Asteroid Mining
With dwindling terrestrial resources, near-Earth asteroid (NEA) mining may soon become the next frontier in international space exploits and resource exploitation. NASA has already predicted that it
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Utilization -consumption -appropriation: asteroid mining is in the pipeline
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Role of COPUOS in promoting sustainability of outer space activities
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Asia in Space, Space & Society Course (University of Cape
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