Space High Precision Multi-thermoelectric Coolers Controller Design


With the advancement of high performance charge coupled device (CCD) in aerospace imaging detection, image quality is placed a high value. The importance of an ideal CCD working ambient temperature is realized with the deeply researching of the characters of CCD. A temperature controlling system based on multi-TECs is introduced deriving from the need to prevent thermally induced dark currents from becoming the dominate noise source. -65°C±2 °C is the designed value for best function of the CCD used in our project. The principle and work mode of TEC are analyzed. An originally multi-TECs controller design is given for meeting this requirement as well as power and cubage. PWM control and linear control are actualized on two types of TECs according to different application mode. Below 10% current ripple is acquired and the temperature stabilization is below±0.6°C. The ambient temperature is achieved nicely in simulating CCD working cabin experiment stably and efficiently.

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