Space Codesign: A SystemC Framework for Fast Exploration of Hardware/Software Systems


Electronic System Level has brought new abstractions for designing systems, which most designers are not familiar with. The Space CodesignTM SystemC design framework allows designers to easily model hardware/software-based systems, starting from a high level model and refining down to the chip. We propose a rapid system prototyping toolset that permits co-monitoring of specifications, effortless platform exploration for hardware/software partitioning and an automated co-synthesis for rapid FPGA implementation. We demonstrate the methodology by implementing the guiding system of a land rover application. More precisely, we focus on the architecture exploration effort by looking at the partitioning aspects using an IBM CoreConnect OPB bus cycle accurate model, and a MicroBlaze ISS. We collect different mapping results to guide the implementation down to a Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGA. Results prove that first working at the system level significantly helps in targeting an efficient hardware/software solution.

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