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Soviet strategic thought, 1917-91

  title={Soviet strategic thought, 1917-91},
  author={Andrei Afanas’evich Kokoshin},
The relationship between policy and strategy in Soviet military doctrine threats to Soviet security and the probability of a future war offence and defence in Soviet military strategy in lieu of a conclusion - Russia's national security and military power. 
Soviet military doctrine as strategic deception: An offensive military strategy for defense of the socialist fatherland
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Politics and the Soviet Army : civil-military relations in Soviet Union the Khrushchev Era, 1953-1964
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Year of maximum danger? The 1983 ‘war scare’ and US‐Soviet deterrence
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The Rockets' Red Glare: Technology, Conflict, and Terror in the Soviet Union
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Security and International Relations
Part I. Introduction to International Security and Security Studies: 1. International relations and international security: boundaries, levels of analysis, and falsifying theories 2. The foundationsExpand
When truth is stranger than fiction: the Able Archer incident
In November 1983 a routine NATO nuclear readiness exercise code-named Able Archer could have led to a Soviet nuclear strike against the West. What is remarkable about this possible Soviet strike isExpand