Soviet Physics—Solid State

  title={Soviet Physics—Solid State},
  • Published 1959
  • Physics
  • Nature

Extrinsic spin-orbit coupling and spin relaxation in phosphorene

An effective Hamiltonian is derived to describe the conduction band of monolayer black phosphorus (phosphorene) in the presence of spin-orbit coupling and external electric field. Envelope function

Exciton Condensation and Superfluidity in TmSe 0

In this publication, details of the calculation of heat conductivity and thermal diffusiv‐ ity, compressibility, sound velocity and exciton‐polaron dispersion will be shown. The properties of

Regularization of the spectral problem for the monolayer graphene with the separable in the angular momentum representation singular potential of defect

The electronic states in the monolayer graphene with the short-range perturbation asymmetric with respect to the band index are analized. The study was made for the separable in the angular momentum

Free-Electron Screening Mechanism of the Shallow Impurity Breakdown in n-GaAs: Evidences from the Photoelectric Zeeman and Cyclotron Resonance Spectroscopies

A novel breakdown (BD) mechanism of shallow impurity (SI) under the electric field at low temperatures is suggested for n‐GaAs samples with the donor concentrations 1014 cm−3≤ND≤1016 cm−3 and the

Exciton Condensation and Superfluidity in TmSe0.45Te0.55

In this publication details of the calculation of heat conductivity and thermal diffusivity, compressibility, sound velocity and exciton-polaron dispersion of TmSe0.45Te0.55 will be shown. The

Pairing mechanisms in superconductors with valence -skipping dopants

Recent studies of the degenerate semiconductor, lead telluride, doped with the valence skipping element, thallium, have lead to propositions of negative U superconductivity. In this model, charge 2e

Thermoelectric Effects in Anisotropic Systems: Measurement and Applications

The Harman method for measuring the thermal conductivity of a sample using the Peltier effect, may also be used to determine the dimensionless figure of merit from just two electrical resistance

Influence of fictive temperature and composition of silica glass on anomalous elastic behaviour

It is shown that thermal history has a weak effect on elastic moduli in the glass transition regime for silicaGlass, and the effect of the water content in silica glass is greater than the fictive temperature effect and gives larger changes in the amplitude of the elastic modulus for the same thermal dependence.

er ] 2 1 Ju l 2 00 4 The role of the spin in quasiparticle interference

J. I. Pascual, G. Bihlmayer,Yu. M. Koroteev, H.-P. Rust, G. Ceballos , M. Hansmann , K. Horn , E. V. Chulkov, S. Blügel, P. M. Echenique, and Ph. Hofmann 1 Institut für Experimentalphysik, Freie

Development of $ab ~initio$ method for exciton condensation and its application to $\bf TiSe_2$

Exciton condensation indicating the spontaneous formation of electron-hole pair can cause the phase transition from a semimetal to an excitonic insulator by gap opening at the Fermi surface. While