Souvenirs gastronômicos na percepção do turista: o caso do queijo minas artesanal do serro

  title={Souvenirs gastron{\^o}micos na percepç{\~a}o do turista: o caso do queijo minas artesanal do serro},
  author={M. L. Medeiros and G. S. Horodyski and Jo{\~a}o Luiz Passador},
  journal={Revista Brasileira de Pesquisa em Turismo},
The present study aimed to analyze the artisanal minas cheese as a food souvenir in the perception of the tourist. The justification of the them e refers to the fact that souvenirs carry different meanings for the tourist and also serve to the divulgation of the destiny. Food souvenirs evoke a taste memory and a sharing of different experiences. The choice for the artisanal cheese from Serro as a food souvenir was due to the fact that this product is a component of the culture of the state of… Expand
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