Southwest asian and North African terms for homosexual roles

  title={Southwest asian and North African terms for homosexual roles},
  author={Stephen O. Murray},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
  • S. Murray
  • Published 1 December 1995
  • Sociology
  • Archives of Sexual Behavior
Contrary to recent ethnocentric and contemporocentric claims that social categories for homosexual roles did not exist until late 19th-century northern European and North American medical discourse invented some, terms from a range of Islamic societies across a millennium are reviewed. Both age-stratified and gender-stratified sets of terms for male homosexual roles are discussed along with the problem of interpreting absence of evidence of lexemes for egalitarian homosexuality prior to the… 

Bigenderism and Bisexuality

Abstract The term “bigender” is proposed to describe people who combine male and female gender identities. Bigenderism is to be distinguished from “bisexuality” whose meaning would be limited to


  • History
  • 2001
Abstract ROMAN HOMOSEXUALITY: IDEOLOGIES OF MASCULINITY IN CLASSICAL ANTIQUITY. Craig A. Williams. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999. xii + 395 pp. Reviewed by Beert Verstraete.

Understanding cultures of sexuality: lessons learned from HIV/AIDS education and behaviour change among gay men in Australia

Understanding sexual behaviour change in response to HIV/AIDS has been an enduring puzzle for those working to stop the pandemic. Gay communities in the developed world have rapidly achieved a

Skin and Silence in Selected Maghrebian Queer Films

  • G. Ncube
  • Art, Sociology
    Journal of African Cultural Studies
  • 2020
ABSTRACT The main premise of this article is that Maghreb cinema cannot openly represent queerness. Nadia El Fani's Bedwin Hacker (2003), Raja Amari's Al Dowaha (Buried Secrets) (2009) and Abdellah

Unresolved Issues in Scientific Sexology

A number of unresolved issues in sexologyresearch and practice are reviewed and it has been recommended that randomized controlled evaluations of treatments of sex offenders be abandoned.

Repenser la construction transméditerranéenne de la sexualité « minoritaire »

Abdellah Taïa, Rachid O. et Eyet-Chékib Djaziri font partie d’une nouvelle vague d’écrivains maghrébins qui traitent ouvertement du thème de la sexualité « minoritaire » dans leurs communautés



Medieval Arabic medical views on male homosexuality.

  • B. Nathan
  • Medicine
    Journal of homosexuality
  • 1994
Medieval medical views on homosexuality are outlined and it is proposed that an abnormal sensory innervation to the penis requires intense sensory input to achieve sexual satisfaction.

The dangers of lexical inference with special reference to Maori homosexuality.

It is argued that it is not valid for L. K. Gluckman to conclude, on the basis of the absence of terms for homosexuality, that homosexuality did not exist among Maori prior to European contact.

Homosexuality and police terror in Turkey.

  • A. Yuzgun
  • Political Science
    Journal of homosexuality
  • 1993
There is a need to explain the problems of Turkish homosexuals and suggest certain vital solutions and I shall make use of new material in my book, published under the title of Homosexuality in Turkey: Yesterday, Today.

The Constraints of Desire: The Anthropology of Sex and Gender in Ancient Greece

PART I: 1.Unnatural Acts: Erotic Protocols in Artemidoros' Dream Analysis 2. Laying down the Law: The Oversight of Men's Sexual Behaviour in Classical Athens 3. The Constraints of Desire: erotic

On Subordinating Native American Cosmologies to the Empire of Gender

eteries and populations in the Dnieper Basin. British Archaeological Reports International Series 383. WOLFF, j. i892. Das Gesetz der Transformation der Knochen. Berlin: A. Hirchwild. YANUSHEVICH, Z.

Men, Women, and Boys: Love and Sex in the Works of SA'DI

Comprising some 900 pages in the Furughi edition, the works of Sa'di include a variety of genres. The Kulliyyat (Complete Works) opens with six "Risalahs" (Homilies), containing orthodox religious

Covert Categories and Folk Taxonomies

Evidence presented indicates that by recognizing unnamed taxa one may gain an understanding of the structure of a particular semantic domain that is actually obscured if one focuses solely on lexically labeled units.

Homosexual acts and selves in early modern Europe.