Southland Farms


Continuous USDA inspection, hydrocooling, and extensive mechanization are three reasons why Southland Farms, Inc., Montgomery, Alabama, is currently ranked as one of the nation's most progressive fresh potato growing-packing-shipping organizations. Southland Farms has been in the potato business since 1946. Presently the company grows and ships 2,000 acres of potatoes in Northern and Southern Alabama and in the Belle Glade and Homestead areas of Florida. However, the majority of production is concentrated in Baldwin County, on Alabama's Gulf Coast. Other operations are considered as supplemental, to lengthen the shipping season and spread the risks. The company ships from Belle Glade from mid-December through January, then shifts to Homestead for operations from mid-February through April. Baldwin County shipments begin in early May and continue through the middle of June. Final shipments come from the Sand Mountain area of Northern Alabanm (near Chattanooga, Tenn.) throughout the month of July. All shipments are made under the "Gulf Beach" brand. Southland's principal variety is the Red LaSoda, a potato well suited to southern growing conditions. This variety, according to Cole Brown, Southland Farms president, carries well and has good eye appeal; it is replacing the Pontiac as the area's major variety. For a white shipping potato, the company prefers Sebagos, which account for 20~ of the total production, and are sold both as chipping and table potatoes.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02861110

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