Southern Ocean phytoplankton physiology in a changing climate.

  title={Southern Ocean phytoplankton physiology in a changing climate.},
  author={Katherina Petrou and Sven A Kranz and Scarlett Trimborn and Christel S. Hassler and Sonia Blanco Ameijeiras and Olivia Sackett and Peter J. Ralph and Andrew T. Davidson},
  journal={Journal of plant physiology},
The Southern Ocean (SO) is a major sink for anthropogenic atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), potentially harbouring even greater potential for additional sequestration of CO2 through enhanced phytoplankton productivity. In the SO, primary productivity is primarily driven by bottom up processes (physical and chemical conditions) which are spatially and temporally heterogeneous. Due to a paucity of trace metals (such as iron) and high variability in light, much of the SO is characterised by an… CONTINUE READING

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