South-polar features on Venus similar to those near the north pole

  title={South-polar features on Venus similar to those near the north pole},
  author={G. Piccioni and P. Drossart and A. S{\'a}nchez-Lavega and R. Hueso and F. W. Taylor and C. Wilson and D. Grassi and L. Zasova and M. Moriconi and A. Adriani and S. Lebonnois and A. Coradini and B. B'ezard and F. Angrilli and G. Arnold and K. Baines and G. Bellucci and J. Benkhoff and J. Bibring and A. Blanco and M. Blecka and R. Carlson and A. D. Lellis and T. Encrenaz and S. Erard and S. Fonti and V. Formisano and T. Fouchet and R. Garc{\'i}a and R. Haus and J. Helbert and N. Ignatiev and P. Irwin and Y. Langevin and M. Lopez-Valverde and D. Luz and L. Marinangeli and V. Orofino and A. Rodin and M. Roos-Serote and B. Saggin and D. Stam and D. Titov and G. Visconti and M. Zambelli},
  • G. Piccioni, P. Drossart, +42 authors M. Zambelli
  • Published 2007
  • Geology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Venus has no seasons, slow rotation and a very massive atmosphere, which is mainly carbon dioxide with clouds primarily of sulphuric acid droplets. Infrared observations by previous missions to Venus revealed a bright ‘dipole’ feature surrounded by a cold ‘collar’ at its north pole. The polar dipole is a ‘double-eye’ feature at the centre of a vast vortex that rotates around the pole, and is possibly associated with rapid downwelling. The polar cold collar is a wide, shallow river of cold air… CONTINUE READING

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