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South American trematodes parasites of fishes.

  title={South American trematodes parasites of fishes.},
  author={Anna Kohn and Berenice Maria Fernandes and S. C. Cohen},
Digenea of Hoplias intermedius and Hoplias malabaricus (Actinopterygii, Erythrinidae) from upper São Francisco River, Brazil.
The presence of metacercariae and adult digeneans indicate that they act as intermediate and definitive hosts, respectively, in their biological cycles, as a result of piscivorous feeding habits of these adult erythrinids from the upper São Francisco River. Expand
Diversity of helminth parasites of eight siluriform fishes from the Aguapeí River, upper Paraná basin, São Paulo state, Brazil
This study presents 38 new host records, contributing considerably to increase the diffuse knowledge of helminth parasites of Neotropical siluriforms. Expand
Helminth parasites of South American fishes: current status and characterization as a model for studies of biodiversity
The closest true estimations of species diversity and distribution will rely on further studies combining both molecular and morphological approaches with ecological data such as host specificity, geographical distribution and life-cycle data. Expand
First record of Unitubulotestis pelamydis (Trematoda: didymozoidae) and Sphyriocephalus tergestinus (Cestoda: Sphyriocephalidae) in Eastern Pacific Bonito, Sarda chiliensis (Perciformes: Scombridae) in Peru
Este es el primer registro de U. pelamydis y S. ter gestinus en Peru, donde S. chiliensis es un nuevo huesped para ambos endoparasitos. Expand
Redescription of Bacciger microacetabularis (Martorelli et Suriano, 1983) nov. comb. parasitizing Paralichthys orbignyanus (Pisces, Paralichthyidae) from Argentina
In this paper Steringotrema microacetabularis (Suriano et Martorelli, 1983) is redescribed and transferred to Bacciger Nicoll, 1924 in the Faustulidae Poche, 1926 based on newly collected materialExpand
Adult Trematodes (Platyhelminthes) of freshwater fishes from Argentina: a checklist
The orders Characiformes, Perciformes and Siluriformes harboured the highest richness of trematode species, while Haploporidae, Allocreadiidae and Cryptogonimidae showed the highest species richness. Expand
New host and geographic distribution of Phyllodistomum thunni (Trematoda, Gorgoderidae)
The trematode Phyllodistomum thunni is recorded here for the first time in the marine fish Macrodon ancylodon (Perciformes, Sciaenidae), king weakfish, from the Brazilian coast, South Atlantic. TheExpand
Parasites of freshwater fishes and the Great American Biotic Interchange: a bridge too far?
The review shows that ‘interchange’ is limited and asymmetrical, but simple narratives of northward isthmian dispersal will likely prove inadequate to explain the historical biogeography of many host–parasite associations in tropical Middle America, particularly those involving poeciliids. Expand
Trematode diversity in freshwater fishes of the Globe II: ‘New World’
A better understanding of trematode diversity and biology will also depend on strategic sampling throughout the Americas, as well as the paucity of known life-cycles. Expand
Parasite assemblages of Nemadactylus bergi (Pisces: Latridae): the role of larval stages in the short-scale predictability
The short-scale temporal repeatability in the structure and composition of parasite communities of Nemadactylus bergi were analyzed by comparing population and infracommunity descriptors in five samples caught off Mar del Plata, Argentina and, as predicted, this predictability was mainly provided by larval stages, namely Corynosoma australe and Grillotia carvajalregorum. Expand