South American Disteniini (Disteniidae, Coleoptera): New Species and New Distribution Records

  title={South American Disteniini (Disteniidae, Coleoptera): New Species and New Distribution Records},
  author={J. Botero and Nayeli Guti{\'e}rrez},
  journal={American Museum Novitates},
  pages={1 - 10}
ABSTRACT Two new species of Disteniini are described: Novantinoe apiculatra from Colombia and Paracometes viridis from Peru (new country record for the genus). An updated key and a geographical distribution map for species of Paracometes Villiers, 1957, are provided. The two new species are illustrated with dorsal, ventral, lateral, and frontal views. Additionally, geographical distribution of six species of Disteniini are expanded with new department and country records. 
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Three new species, taxonomic notes, and new geographical records of Neotropical Disteniidae (Coleoptera)


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A new department record from Santander (Colombia) is added. Specimen examined: COLOMBIA
  • 5″N 73°34′15.1″W, 801 m), 1 female
Atraídos por luz
  • 01°20N 76°06′W, 900 m