Sourcing truckload capacity in the transportation spot market: A framework for third party providers

  title={Sourcing truckload capacity in the transportation spot market: A framework for third party providers},
  author={Christopher Lamar Lindsey and Hani S. Mahmassani},
  journal={Transportation Research Part A-policy and Practice},
Uberization Effects on Freight Procurement
According to a report by A. T. Kearney, in 2016 the US business spent $1,392.64B on logistics costs. 90% of transportation spending is procured in the form of Long Term Contracts. A Long Term
Investigating the mix of contract-based and on-demand sourcing for transportation services under fluctuate and seasonal demand
ABSTRACT This paper addresses the issue of transportation services sourcing using the mix of contract-based and on-demand sourcing. The model considers when the demand is fluctuating following a
Balancing product flow and synchronizing transportation
The methodology developed in the research, with its potential to reduce transportation cost and improve warehouse productivity, also presents the opportunity for new and innovative contract types with transportation providers.
Order Timing for Manufacturers with Spot Purchasing Price Uncertainty and Demand Information Updating
In this paper we study the competitive order timing decisions of two manufacturers with demand forecasting updating and uncertain raw material price. Manufacturers can order the raw materials early
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Over the last 10 years, Intelligent Freight Transportation (IFT) has significantly transformed the structure of the trucking industry in North America by implementing new digital-dependent policies
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The purpose of this chapter is to present the relationship between the external service provider named Third Party Logistics 3PL and the performance of the logistics process in Mexican manufacturing
Application of Combinatorial Auctions to Create a 3D Printing Market
This work presents the bases of a managed market, “Lonja”, using combinatorial auctions. This is used to purchase products made with 3D printing (additive manufacturing technologies). In this market,


Measuring Carrier Reservation Prices for Truckload Capacity in the Transportation Spot Market
An important element of the U.S. motor carrier industry is the transportation spot market. The transportation spot market consists of shipments handled on a one-time, load-by-load basis and exists to
Predictive Analytics to Improve Pricing and Sourcing in Third-Party Logistics Operations
Pricing shipments and sourcing capacity for a third-party logistics (3PL) provider operating in a spot market requires real-time decision making that is ripe for computer-based support driven by
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Purpose – Changes over the last 30 years have given companies increased flexibility and control over their logistics activities. During this same period of time, financial markets have embraced stock
Combinatorial Auctions in the Procurement of Transportation Services
Most shippers use annual auctions to procure transportation services, leading to annual contracts, and several software providers offer the requisite software.
Supply Chain Broker Operations
A network analysis of spot-market broker operations in supply chain management is presented with a case study of a brokerage firm. By modeling the connections between brokers and vendors, users can
Framework for Study of Carrier Strategies in Auction-Based Transportation Marketplace
Online markets for transportation services in the form of Internet sites that dynamically match shipments (shippers' demand) and transportation capacity (carriers' offer) through auction mechanisms
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The connectivity and communication requirements of leading supply chains have created the emergence of a more advanced role for third-party logistics providers 3PLs. They have evolved from providing