Sourcing strategy and cross-organizational career development


IT departments have gone through many ups and downs in recruiting IT talent due to changes in the focus of IT departments over the last three decades, from back-office application development to strategic exploration of applications/technologies today. Complicating the recruitment and retention of IT talent may include several factors such as: <ul><li>Rapid changes in technologies and the lag between the talent needs and educational institutions' ability to provide this talent</li> <li>The evolving sourcing (outsourcing as well as insourcing trends) and how it disrupts a reasonable career development path for professional growth for new IT recruits</li> <li>Significant amount of IT investment is tied to the maintenance of current infrastructure and staying current with the changing technology related threats (e.g. security) and opportunities (e.g. social media) calls for different types of talent that is becoming hard to recruit and retain</li> <li>Lack of effective knowledge retention or management strategies to capture the expertise of those that leave an IT department</li> <li>Loss of knowledge associated with application/technology that has been outsourced to external partners</li> <li>Inadequate resource and time needed to support the development of talent as they seek to professionally grow, and others</li></ul>

DOI: 10.1145/2599990.2602230

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