Sources of the Maelstrom

  title={Sources of the Maelstrom},
  author={Bj{\o}rn Gjevik and Halvard Moe and Atle Ommundsen},
The Lofoten Maelstrom on the northern coast of Norway has been renowned for centuries for its strength and dangerous whirlpools. We now complete a previous review of the historic literature about the Maelstrom and present results of simulations describing the large-scale dynamics of this remarkable phenomenon. 
Eddies of Vestfjorden, Norway
High resolution tidal models for the Norwegian coast
A high resolution depth integrated tidal and storm surge model with horizontal grid resolution down to 50 meters has been implemented for the Tjeldsund channel in northern Norway. The model has been
Models of cross shelf transport introduced by the Lofoten Maelstrom
Numerical studies of dispersion due to tidal flow through Moskstraumen, northern Norway
The effect of horizontal grid resolution on the horizontal relative dispersion of particle pairs has been investigated on a short time scale, i.e. one tidal M2 cycle. Of particular interest is the
Rectified tidal transport in Lofoten-Vesterålen, Northern Norway
Abstract. Vestfjorden in Northern Norway, a major spawning ground for the Northeast Arctic cod, is sheltered from the continental shelf and open ocean by the Lofoten-Vesterålen archipelago. The
A Detailed Comparison of a Range of Three-Dimensional Models of the M2 Tide in the Faeroe–Shetland Channel and Northern North Sea
Abstract A three-dimensional hydrodynamic model of the Faeroe–Shetland Channel and northern North Sea is used to investigate the spatial variability of M2 tidal elevations and currents in the region.
Assessment of the tsunami hazard on Moroccan coasts using numerical modeling
Caused by earthquakes in the marine environment, tsunamis are often of particular violence. Pests, their damage far exceeds those caused by earthquakes earthquakes. In Morocco, seismic sensors in the
Modelling the influence of small-scale effects upon the larger scale: an oceanographic challenge
The problem of resolving or parameterising small-scale processes in oceanographic models and the extent to which small-scale effects influence the large scale are briefly discussed and illustrated


Modeling Marine Systems
This two-volume reference presents a series of review and research articles on advances in computing, marine physics, and remote sensing and addresses their importance to shallow sea modeling.