Sources of major and trace elements in the stream sediments of the Arno river catchment (northern Tuscany, Italy)

  title={Sources of major and trace elements in the stream sediments of the Arno river catchment (northern Tuscany, Italy)},
  author={Enrico Dinelli and Gianni Cortecci and Federico Lucchini and Elisa Zantedeschi},
  journal={Geochemical Journal},
The source of major and trace elements has been studied in the Arno river catchments, with repeated sampling of stream sediments in 73 stations within the basin. The study was performed for the inventory, survey, assessment and monitoring of metal pollution, and for geochemical mapping of the most representative elements. Chemical data displayed a wide dispersion, greater in the tributaries than in the Arno river, but in general, there was a good overlap between the stream sediments and the… 

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