Sources of errors in measurements of PAR

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  • Environmental Science
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Experimental study of ratio of PAR to direct integral solar radiation under cloudless conditions
Determination of global and diffuse photosynthetically active radiation from a multifilter shadowband radiometer.
A method to estimate the photosynthetically active radiation from multifilter shadowband radiometer (MFRSR) measurements was developed and tested from observations carried out on the island of Lampedusa and shows that global PAR irradiance may be estimated with an overall uncertainty of 4%-6%.
Estimation of aerosol effects on surface irradiance based on measurements and radiative transfer model simulations in northern China
[1] Using 15 months' worth of ground-based broadband and spectral radiation data at Xianghe, a suburban site in northern China, aerosol effects on surface irradiance are explored in this study.
Estimating photosynthetically active radiation at the earth's surface from MODIS data
  • C. Xia, L. Xiong
  • Environmental Science
    IGARSS 2004. 2004 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
  • 2004
A new approach for PAR based on satellite algorithm is proposed in this study, which defines net surface PAR (NSPARSFC) as the attenuated downward PAR at the TOA for the effects of atmospheric molecular, cloud, aerosol, and albedo caused by surface BRDF.
Analysis of photosynthetic photon flux density and its parameterization in Northern China
Effects of cloud, atmospheric water vapor, and dust on photosynthetically active radiation and total solar radiation in a Mongolian grassland
Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) is an important input parameter for estimating plant produc- tivity due to its key role in the growth and development of plants. However, a worldwide routine
Spectral composition and quanta‐to‐energy ratio of diffuse photosynthetically active radiation under diverse cloud conditions
  • D. Dye
  • Environmental Science
  • 2004
[1] Accurate and detailed modeling of vegetation photosynthesis and ecosystem-atmosphere CO2 exchange, particularly for forests, requires data on the diffuse and global fluxes of photosynthetically


Spectral Distribution of Solar Radiation on Clear Days: A Comparison Between Measurements and Model Estimates.
Abstract The spectral distribution of the direct solar and scattered sky radiation are computed and presented as functions of solar height and as integrated daily values for selected days of the
Spectral band resolution of solar radiation in Athens, Greece
A 14-year (1977-1990) record of global solar radiation measurements performed in Athens, Greece, has been utilized to determine the distribution of radiant energy in the various wavelength bands. The
Characteristics of direct photosynthetically active radiation
Photosynthetically active components of global solar radiation: Measurements and model computations
  • C. Rao
  • Environmental Science, Physics
  • 1984
A three-year(1980–82) record of global solar radiation measurements made at Corvallis, Oregon, U.S.A. (44°34′N, 123°14′W; 65.5 m) has been utilized to determine the distribution of radiant energy in