Sources of error in VOC determination via EPA method 24

  title={Sources of error in VOC determination via EPA method 24},
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Forty-five paint samples having volatile organic content (VOCs) ranging from 7 to 562 g/L were prepared and tested for VOC according to EPA Method 24. In addition, all individual raw materials utilized in preparing the paints were also tested for their VOCs. There were significant differences between claimed and measured VOCs for both raw materials and finished paints. The measurement error for VOC of finished paints was eight percent. This error increased exponentially as the VOC declined… 
Volatile values : Ways to improve the accuracy of VOC determination in waterborne paints
The VOC content of emulsion paints must be closely controlled to conform with the European Decorative Paint VOC legislation. Yet traditional gravimetric methods cannot provide accurate values. Gas


VOC testing comparison: EPA method 24 versus the cal poly pomona method
A new method for water determination of latex paints that gives reliable and precise results is presented. This method agrees with the results obtained using the traditional Karl Fischer titrations
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