Sources of Productivity Change in Ocean Shipping, 1600-1850

  title={Sources of Productivity Change in Ocean Shipping, 1600-1850},
  author={Douglass Cecil North},
  journal={Journal of Political Economy},
  pages={953 - 970}
  • D. North
  • Published 1 September 1968
  • Economics
  • Journal of Political Economy
Among economic historians, technological change has always held the pre-eminent position as a source of economic growth. Clearly, in the sense that man's productive capacity is always limited by the "state of the art," this imposes at least an upper limit on output. Yet in a world where technological information is at least nominally free, differences in ability to make efficient use of the state of knowledge must account for the widely disparate experience of national economies. While the… 
Market Integration in the North and Baltic Seas, 1500-1800.
Since Adam Smith, the attribution to foreign trade of the ability to affect the productive powers of an economy has remained a very powerful concept in both economics and economic history. At the
A Tale of Two Oceans: Market Integration Over the High Seas, 1800-1940
Long-range market integration is an essential component of globalization but it is still comparatively under-researched. The conventional wisdom relies heavily on the case of Atlantic trade in the
Transportation Costs and International Trade in the Second Era of Globalization
While the precise causes of postwar trade growth are not well understood, declines in transport costs top the lists of usual suspects. However, there is remarkably little systematic evidence
Productivity in Swedish merchant shipping, 1470-1820
Some prominent researchers argue that freight rates were substantially reduced only after the introduction of steamship in transoceanic trade after 1820. Kevin O’Rourke and Jeffrey G. Williamson
What drives commodity market integration? Evidence from the 1800s
This article provides empirical evidence from the 'first wave of globalization' in the 19th century for the question as to how commodity markets integrated domestically and internationally. I apply a
The Globe as a Network: Geography and the Origins of the World Income Distribution
In this paper I develop a quantitative dynamic spatial model of global economic development over the long run. There is an agricultural (ancient) sector and a non-agricultural (modern) sector.
A Comparative Perspective on the Determinants of the Scale and Productivity of Maritime Trade in the Roman Mediterranean
The scale and productivity of maritime trade is a function of environmental conditions, political processes and economic development that determine demand, and more specifically of trading costs.
The Transportation Revolution in Industrializing Britain: A Survey
Between 1700 and 1870 Britain's transport sector improved dramatically. This paper surveys the literature on Britain’s transport revolution and examines its contribution to economic growth during the
The Stages of Economic Growth Revisited, Part 2: Catching Up to and Joining the Economic Leader
Rostow (1960) hypothesized that taking off into economic growth was a difficult task for countries in the 19th century, requiring major changes in institutions. In the 20th century, however, as the


The Growth of English Shipping 1572–1922
Nature of the data, — Tonnage of the merchant fleet, Table I, 466. — Shipping cleared in foreign trade, Table II, 469. — Entrances at London, Table III, 470. — Synoptic graph, 473. — Size of vessels,
The Embodiment Hypothesis
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