Sources For The History Of Pre-Islamic Religion

  title={Sources For The History Of Pre-Islamic Religion},
  author={Tilman Seidensticker},
The term "history of pre-Islamic religion" is best understood as denoting the history of religion of the Arabian Peninsula and its margins up to approximately the year 610, in other words, until the beginning of Muhammad's activity. This chapter concentrates on just the last few decades before Muhammad, and is in the main restricted to the region where he himself was active, namely the Ḥijāz. It examines an extensive group of sources not dealt with by what still remains the most important… Expand
Religion between Last Judgement, law and faith: Koranic dīn and its rendering in Latin translations of the Koran
In this article, the meaning of the Latin term religio and its equivalents in European languages is considered in a diachronical perspective, with a special focus on the history of the Koranic termExpand