Source of atomic hydrogen in the atmosphere of HD 209458b

  title={Source of atomic hydrogen in the atmosphere of HD 209458b},
  author={M. C. Liang and Christopher D. Parkinson and Anthony Y.-T . Lee and Yuk L. Yung},
Atomic hydrogen loss at the top of HD 209458b’s atmosphere has been recently detected (Vidal-Madjar et al. 2003). We have developed a 1-dimensional model to study the chemistry in the upper atmosphere of this extrasolar “hot jupiter”. The 3 most abundant elements (other than He), as well as 4 parent molecules are included in this model, viz., H, C, O, H2, CO, H2O, and CH4. The higher temperatures (∼ 1000 K) and higher stellar irradiance (∼ 6×10 W m) strongly enhance and modify the chemical… CONTINUE READING


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