Souped-up search engines

  title={Souped-up search engines},
  author={Declan Butler},
For scientists, finding the information they want on the World-Wide Web is a hit-and-miss affair. But, as Declan Butler reports, more sophisticated and specialized search technologies are promising to change all that. 
Association Computation for Information Access
GetA enables the quantitative analysis of various proposed methods based on association, such as measuring similarity among documents or words, and provides the implementation basis for the effective information access of next generation.
A model for managing information flow on the World Wide Web
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Context in Enterprise Search and Delivery
This paper looks at how context can help when finding information in the enterprise.
CatS: A Classification-Powered Meta-Search Engine
Some key aspects of the system are described (including HTML parsing, classification and displaying of results), the text categorization experiments performed in order to choose the right parameters for classification are outlined, and the system is put into the context of related work on (meta-)search engines.
Just-in-Time Interactive Document Search
DualNAVI is a user interface for "Just-in-Time" document search that always returns the retrieved results in two views: a list of clustered titles for document space and topic word graphs for word space.
Search Based on Ontologies
A prototype system is presented which attempts to exploit ontologies in order to enhance the relevance of information found and merge and reasoning about knowledge.
Web mining for knowledge discovery
An automatic personalized search approach that categorizes search results under a user's interests is proposed and it is found that the structural attributes derived from the intercompany network are valuable in predicting the business relationships.
Analysis and improvement of HITS algorithm for detecting Web communities
Two methods which only utilize the structural information of the Web are proposed, which are shown to be robust for broader types of topic and low in computation cost.
A Framework for Application Specific Knowledge Engines
A systematic framework to help users access huge and various information on the Web by combining different techniques and algorithms in different domains is proposed, to build structured and semantic data repositories, and support keyword search and semantic search.
Streamlining the Information Retrieval Process in the Drug Information Department
The development of intelligent agents for facilitating Internet retrieval is reviewed and the role of these new tools in coping with the enormous future growth of the Internet is discussed.