Sounding the Alarm on Sleep: A Negative Association Between Inadequate Sleep and Flourishing.

  title={Sounding the Alarm on Sleep: A Negative Association Between Inadequate Sleep and Flourishing.},
  author={Hoi See Tsao and Annie Gjelsvik and Sakina H Sojar and Siraj Amanullah},
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Associations Between Diaper Need and Child Sleep in Under-resourced Families

It is suggested that an inadequate supply of diapers adversely affects children's sleep, and how screening and connecting families to resources may improve pediatric sleep is evaluated.

The Prevalence of Insufficient Sleep and Bedtime Delay Among Kindergarten Children Aged 3 to 6 Years in a Rural Area of Shanghai: A Cross-Sectional Study

It is recommended that parents should limit the screen time of children, advocate earlier bedtime and later morning wake-up among children, as well as make their children sleep in separate beds or rooms in younger age.

Sleep and physical activity patterns in adults and children with Bardet–Biedl syndrome

In both adults and children, sleep duration was significantly negatively correlated with duration of prolonged sedentary time, and in children age 6–12 sleepduration was also significantly related to total activity score, children with lower sleep duration had lower total activity scores.

Sleep Duration Buffers The Effects of Adversity on Mental Health Among Recently Immigrated Latinx Adolescents

Examination of sleep duration as a moderator of the link between childhood adversity and emotional and behavioral symptoms among Latinx migrant youth suggested sleep duration has important public health potential as a means of buffering the effects of childhood adversity on mental health in a vulnerable group.

Social Alienation and Psychological Distress in Israeli Adolescents

This paper reports findings on associations between four subscales of social alienation and psychological distress and sleep problems, and the moderating effects of ethnic pride and shame on these

A functional model explaining the dynamics of flourishing during adolescence: an interpretative phenomenological analysis

PurposeThe objectives of the study were to explore the lived experiences of adolescents for understanding the process of their flourishing and develop a functional model to explain the dynamics of

Can Sleep Facilitate Adaptation for Immigrant High Schoolers? Longitudinal Relations Between Sleep Duration, Acculturative Stress, and Acculturation

Examining how sleep duration would prospectively relate to acculturation and acculturative stress following migration for immigrant high school students across 1 year found evidence of both anticipated longitudinal changes and significant slope parameters that were of opposite direction.



Short sleep duration in middle childhood: risk factors and consequences.

Long sleep duration was shown to be an independent risk factor for obesity/overweight and attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder scores (both parent and teachers Conners Rating Scales) did not differ with sleep duration.

Shorter Sleep Duration Is Associated With Increased Risk for Being Overweight at Ages 9 to 12 Years

One preventive approach to overweight may be to ensure adequate sleep in childhood, with shorter sleep duration independently associated with a greater likelihood of overweight in 6th grade.

Short Sleep Duration Among Middle School and High School Students — United States, 2015

The large percentage of middle school and high school students who do not get enough sleep on school nights suggests a need for promoting sleep health in schools and at home and delaying school start times to permit students adequate time for sleep.

Sleep Duration and Child Well-Being: A Nonlinear Association

  • S. JamesL. Hale
  • Psychology
    Journal of clinical child and adolescent psychology : the official journal for the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, American Psychological Association, Division 53
  • 2017
Although numerous studies among adults have shown a U-shaped association between sleep duration and health outcomes, fewer studies have investigated the theory that children also have an optimal

Weekend catch‐up sleep is associated with decreased risk of being overweight among fifth‐grade students with short sleep duration

It is indicated that weekend catch‐up sleep is independently associated with decreased risk of being overweight in fifth‐grade students, and this effect can be varied by the weekday sleep duration.