Sound radiation of a vibrating elastically supported circular plate embedded into a flat screen revisited using the Zernike circle polynomials

  title={Sound radiation of a vibrating elastically supported circular plate embedded into a flat screen revisited using the Zernike circle polynomials},
  author={Wojciech P. Rdzanek},
  journal={Journal of Sound and Vibration},
  • W. Rdzanek
  • Published 1 November 2018
  • Engineering
  • Journal of Sound and Vibration
Sound Transmission Through a Thin Plate with Shaped Frequency Response
This paper applies an alternative passive solution based on appropriately located passive elements which can be used to alter the frequency response of the vibrating structure thus improving its sound insulation properties to a device casing panel.
Vibroacoustics (membranes, plates, and shells)
  • L. Beranek, T. Mellow
  • Physics, Engineering
    Acoustics: Sound Fields, Transducers and Vibration
  • 2019
The active casing approach is a method to reduce noise generated by a device enclosed in a casing. If the casing provided with the device is thin-walled, control inputs can be applied directly to it,
Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Elastically Supported Stiffened Plates with Initial Stresses and Geometric Imperfections Under Impact Loads
This paper deals with the nonlinear dynamic response of elastically supported stiffened plates with initial stresses under impact loads. A stiffened plate is assumed to be composed of a plate with ...
Sage Revised Reiterative Even Zernike Polynomials Neural Network Control with Modified Fish School Search Applied in SSCCRIM Impelled System
A revised reiterative even Zernike polynomials neural network control with modified fish school search method is proposed to control the six-phase squirrel cage copper rotor induction motor impelled continuously variable transmission assembled system for obtaining the brilliant control performance.


The acoustic power of a vibrating clamped circular plate revisited in the wide low frequency range using expansion into the radial polynomials.
  • W. Rdzanek
  • Engineering
    The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 2016
The system of the two coupled differential equations is solved, one for the excited and damped vibrations of the plate and the other one-the Helmholtz equation, leading to results for the modal impedance coefficients useful for a comprehensive numerical analysis of sound radiation.
Asymptotic formulae for the acoustic power output of a simply-supported circular plate
Summary Computations of standardized active and reactive sound power for a simply-supported circular plate have been investigated. The plate’s vibrations are axisymmetric and time-harmonic. The
Sound Radiation of the Resonator in the Form of a Vibrating Circular Plate Embedded in the Outlet of the Circular Cylindrical Cavity
The Neumann axisymmetric boundary value problem is considered for a vibrating thin clamped circular plate embedded in the flat rigid screen in the outlet of the circular cylindrical cavity. It is
Radiation from the Forced Harmonic Vibrations of a Clamped Circular Plate in an Acoustic Fluid
The forced harmonic vibrations of a solid circular plate clamped to a rigid infinite baffle and bounded on one side of an inviscid fluid of infinite extent is considered. The motion in the plate is
Sound radiation from an impact‐excited clamped circular plate in an infinite baffle
Sound radiation from most mechanical systems results from impact forces of various kinds. In this paper, transient sound radiation from impact‐excited circular plates is studied both analytically and
The Effect of Radiation on the Vibrations of a Circular Diaphragm
Circular plate with a fluid on one side: The free and forced vibration problems of a clamped plate in an infinite baffle are solved exactly in terms of a set of self‐ and mutual radiation impedances
On the sound field of an oscillating disk in a finite open and closed circular baffle
Equations describing the radiation characteristics of a rigid disk in a finite open baffle are derived using a method similar to that used by Streng for a circular membrane based upon the dipole part
Modal radiation patterns of baffled circular plates and membranes.
The far field velocity potential and radiation pattern of baffled circular plates and membranes are found analytically using the full set of modal velocity profiles derived from the corresponding