Sound localization in patients with unilateral cochlear implants.


OBJECTIVES To evaluate sound localization ability in totally deaf patients with unilateral cochlear implants and to estimate the ability to improve this function by training. DESIGN A controlled case series. MATERIALS AND METHODS Nine patients with monaural cochlear implants were asked to identify the source of 50 randomly distributed sound stimuli… (More)
DOI: 10.1179/cim.2005.6.Supplement-1.1


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@article{Luntz2005SoundLI, title={Sound localization in patients with unilateral cochlear implants.}, author={Michal Luntz and Alexander Brodsky and Wasim Watad and Hadas Weiss and Ada Tamir and Hillel Pratt}, journal={Cochlear implants international}, year={2005}, volume={6 1}, pages={1-9} }