Sound levels in the human uterus.

  title={Sound levels in the human uterus.},
  author={David S. Richards and Barbara H Frentzen and Kenneth J. Gerhardt and Margaret E McCann and Robert M Abrams},
  journal={Obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={80 2},
OBJECTIVE We sought to determine the degree to which noises and voices are attenuated or enhanced as they pass into the uterus. METHODS In eight parturients, a hydrophone in the uterus was used to measure sound pressure levels for externally generated one-third-octave band noises, male and female voices, and the subject's voice. RESULTS Low-frequency sounds (0.125 kHz) generated outside the mother were enhanced by an average of 3.7 dB. There was a gradual increase in attenuation for… CONTINUE READING