Sound Modeling of Javanese Traditional Music Instrument


A Gamelan set consists of several groups of different instruments. One of the groups is called Balungan. Gamelan is contructed manually by hand with simple tools so it is very hard to find two gamelan sets are totally identical. In this research we propose to construct gamelan models. The main target of this research is creating Gamelan Frequency Modeling. We propose two Frequency Balungan Models, the first model is using average value, and the other is using average value in the most dense area.

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@article{Suprapto2009SoundMO, title={Sound Modeling of Javanese Traditional Music Instrument}, author={Yoyon K. Suprapto and I. Ketut E. Purnama and Mochamad Hariadi and Mauridhi Hery Purnomo and Tsuyoshi Usagawa}, journal={International Conference on Instrumentation, Communication, Information Technology, and Biomedical Engineering 2009}, year={2009}, pages={1-6} }