Sound, text and identity in Korn’s ‘Hey Daddy’

  title={Sound, text and identity in Korn’s ‘Hey Daddy’},
  author={Jonathan R. Pieslak},
  journal={Popular Music},
  pages={35 - 52}
Abstract Most of the existing literature on metal approaches the subject from a sociological, anthropological or historical perspective, dedicating more attention to the surrounding musical (sub)cultures and their transformations than to the songs and music itself. This essay addresses this gap in recent metal scholarship by examining issues of sound, text and identity in one of the most influential and popular metal bands of the post-grunge era, Korn. I interpret possible meanings within ‘Hey… 
Getting Medieval: Signifiers of the Middle-Ages in Black Metal Aesthetics
  • E. Smialek
  • Sociology
    Medievalism and Metal Music Studies: Throwing Down the Gauntlet
  • 2019
This chapter explores how medieval signifiers function in black metal’s musical style, lyrics, and album imagery, specifically albums using woodcut engravings. It analyses how the word ‘medieval’
Metal, Machismo and Musical Mode: how the 'feminine' Phrygian second has been appropriated and transformed
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Chapter 3 ‘We’re Just Normal Dudes’: Hegemonic Masculinity, Australian Identity, and Parkway Drive
Abstract Masculinity and heavy metal share a clear and well-documented relationship, with many of the key texts on metal centering around its representation of gender (Walser, 1993; Weinstein,
Defining contemporary metal music: Performance, sounds and practices
Contemporary Metal Music (CMM) features, usually down tuned, harmonically distorted timbres, and from a performance perspective regularly contains fast and frequently complex subdivisions, as well as
Hearing morse, music, mountains and heart beats : a sociology of sensory knowing
We rely on our senses to make judgements and perform roles, whether these are mundane aspects of life such as road crossing, or the more specialised tasks of music-making and paediatric surgery.
Timbral Transformations in Kaija Saariaho's From the Grammar of Dreams
iv Acknowledgements v List of Figures viii Chapter 1: Introduction 1 1.1 Kaija Saariaho in the Literature 2 1.2 A Timbre-Focused, Score-Based Approach 10 Chapter 2: Timbre and Methodology 13 2.1
The LCC Number of the Beast: A Guide to Metal Music and Resources for Librarians
Heavy metal is an important offshoot of rock music that has been garnering increasing academic interest. This resource guide aims to assist librarians by offering an overview of the genre's rise in


Ethnicity, Identity and Music: The Musical Construction of Place
Contents: M. Stokes, Introduction: Ethnicity, Identity and Music - M. Chapman, Thoughts on Celtic Music - J. Baily, The Role of Music in the Creation of an Afghan National Identity, 1923-73 - Z.
Gesturing elsewhere: the identity politics of the Balinese death/thrash metal scene
This essay explores the political significance of Balinese death/thrash fandom. In the early 1990s, the emergence of a death/thrash scene in Bali paralleled growing criticism of accelerated tourism
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Preface 1. 'Roll over Beethoven': new experiences in art 2. 'Rock Around the Clock': emergence 3. 'Love Me Do': the aesthetics of sensuousness 4. 'My Generation': rock music and subcultures 5.
Re-thinking ‘whiteness’? Identity, change and ‘white’ popular music in post-apartheid South Africa
In South Africa, the prospects for social integration were auspicious after the first democratic elections in 1994. As the popular music of the time shows, it was not only blacks who exulted in the
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